• Music for rituals, ceremonies and yoga

    Music for rituals, ceremonies and yoga

    Esta will provide the perfect soundtrack to any special event. A ritual, ceremony or yoga class. She has extensive knowledge of suitable music.

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  • Dancefloor on fire

    Dancefloor on fire

    DJ Polyesta has her unique own way of touching people with music

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  • DJ Polyesta's own music style

    DJ Polyesta's own music style

    Uplifting and flowing mix of electronic beats, acoustic samples, ethnic melodies and percussion.

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  • Dance Meditation, Trance Dance and Workshops

    Dance Meditation, Trance Dance and Workshops

    Music and dance is a way to connect with the self and others.

  • Music anywhere

    Music anywhere

    Music for a party, dinner, opening, fashion show. Any event in any place.

DJ Polyesta creates a party with Global Beats and Ethno House. Polyesta is well known for her World Music and Balkan Beats sets, but because of her love for electronic music, she truly enjoys merging beats with ethnic music into a funky feel-good mix.
She blends music from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe like there are no borders, connecting cultures and people in dance. Polyesta’s style is flowing and feminine, uplifting and fun. “Dance is a celebration.”

Polyesta is a DJ on a mission: Bring world music to the clubs and festivals by mixing ethnic, acoustic sounds with electronic beats. She spices up dance music with samples and recordings of world music or with live musicians.


Short list of festivals, clubs and celebrations where DJ Polyesta played: Lowlands, Shoeless Open Air, Amsterdam Dance Event, Magneet Festival, Mysteryland, All Is One, Amsterdam Roots Festival, Berlin Film Festival and Landjuweel Festival.

Paradiso, Club Lite, Melkweg, Hotel Arena, Tropen Theater, Ruigoord, De Toren, Noorderlicht, Little Buddha, Nomads and many others in Amsterdam.